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Department of Accounting and Finance

Chair of the Department
Dr. Robert Kisavi MULE
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Welcome to the Department of Accounting and Finance.  The Department was founded in 2011 with the restructuring of the then Department of Economics and Business Studies which was upgraded to a full-fledged School of Business and Economics. The Department’s mandate is to teach and examine accounting, finance and related disciplines at Maseno University as well as spearhead research and disseminate knowledge in the fields of accounting and finance. Our programmes are structured to reflect the changing world of accounting and finance and provide a firm foundation for the world of work, necessary academic subjects, and consideration of corporate governance principles, management and quantitative analysis studies that influence decision-making in a finance and accounting environment. 

The Department endeavors to increase enrolment into Accounting and Finance programmes and enhance learning performance by providing clear guidelines on course content delivery and evaluation on a continuous basis. Our goal is to provide long life learning amongst our students through a professional focus anchored on learning by doing principle. The Department provides practical training in Finance and Accounting and therefore expects students to work hard, read widely and engage in participative learning.

The department offers bachelors and postgraduate programmes in Finance and Accounting. The Department launched Master of Science in Finance in 2011 and a specialized Bachelor of Science (Accounting and Finance) With Information Technology in 2017 and is in the process of launching Doctor of Philosophy in Finance and Accounting with course work.

In future, the department plans to develop Bachelor of Science in Credit Management with Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance with Information Technology and Master of Science in Forensic Accounting

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